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Molly was born on Indian Island, Maine, and she turned to dance to help her family make ends meet.

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But because audiences and companies in the U. Coubertin had a vision to unite the world through sport, and he eventually managed to launch the modern Olympic Games. But those first few times out, things weren't always smooth. John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia, set out to create an armed revolution of emancipated slaves. Instead, it became a tipping point leading to the U. Civil War. As man was looking to the skies and yearning to fly, two inventive brothers came up with an idea to set humans aloft. The Montgolfiers were among many inventors working toward flight in the 18th century, but they often get all the attention.

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Women working in a match factory took a stand against hazardous and unfair working conditions, and impacted organized labor in the process. Secretary of Education Dr. John B. King Jr. Eighteenth-century Englishman Thomas Day decided that the only way to have a perfect wife was to create one. So he adopted two orphans and attempted to train them, sometimes in incredibly abusive ways. Even though Edward Jones served two prison sentences for his intrusions into Buckingham palace, it seems that the authorities were willing to do almost anything to keep him away from London.

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  5. Not long after young Victoria became queen, a young man got into Buckingham Palace, wandered around, and attempted to steal several items. It was merely the first of many visits to the palace he would make. During the French and Indian War, a clash between Cherokee tribes and the British -- who had been allies -- slowly escalated on the southern end of the larger conflict.

    Famed lady pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read are often requested as a topic by listeners. But telling their story requires navigating some rather suspect historical accounts. Because he saw himself as Yosemite's ambassador, Hutchings was surprised when the state of California told him his land claim was invalid.

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    He fought the state for many years, and though he ultimately lost the battle, it didn't sever his ties to Yosemite. Once Yosemite had been seen by white men, it became the focus of a great deal of attention, both for its natural wonders and for the potential money to be made there. James Hutchings spent the majority of his life writing and speaking about Yosemite. For parts of the 20th century, the U. Industries and governments had a really weird preoccupation with protecting people from margarine way before it was made with the hydrogenated oils that led to its unhealthy reputation in more recent years.

    There's even bootlegging involved. While his name is most strongly associated with the sewing machine, Isaac Singer's life is a tale far beyond the story of mechanized stitching. A philanderer and cut throat businessman, Singer managed to accrue huge sums of wealth in his later life. Doss was the first conscientious objector to be awarded the Medal of Honor, though he's not the only one.

    Two other men, Thomas W. Bennett and Joseph G. LaPointe, Jr. When three escaped slaves showed up at a Union position during the U. Civil War, the decision of how to handle the situation fell to Maj. Benjamin Butler. His actions led to a situation for which the government was simply not prepared. So, after polling listeners, we're adding a mid-year edition of our Unearthed! Miss Bland was a jockey, a sports photographer, a journalist, a car dealer and a pioneer farmer.

    She also built Ireland's first powered airplane, entirely by hand, and successfully piloted it. She was a black Canadian-American who became the first woman in North America to publish and edit a newspaper. She advocated against slavery, for better lives for free black people, and for women's rights. In the late s and early s, many cities were facing the same issue: so much horse manure, they couldn't keep up with it. It created unhygienic conditions, and very real problems.

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    Portrayals of this piece of Scottish and English history are often simultaneously romanticized and oversimplified. It's a great deal more complicated than any one event, and is instead the result of many contributing factors. For a long time, astronomers believed that there must have been a planet lurking in the gap between Mars and Jupiter.

    What they found was Ceres, and this object's story is one of scientific cattiness and our ever-evolving understanding of space. Because of his previous ties to the Communist Party, his race, and his sexual orientation, the McCarthy era was extremely dangerous for Rustin. This was one of many reasons why his activism focused on other countries in the s. Bayard Rustin was an openly gay black man born in He spent his life working tirelessly for equal rights, peace, democracy, and economic equality, including being one of the primary planners of the March on Washington.

    There was a whole lot more to Harriet Tubman's life and work than her time as a conductor on the Underground Railroad. Most people are familiar with her involvement with the Underground Railroad, but Harriet Tubman was also a spy for the Union during the Civil War, among many other things. Untangling the truth from the myth is the trickiest part of her story. British hair guru Raymond Bessone became the first celebrity hair stylist by leveraging the post-war desire for glamour and his own innate skill at marketing. His larger-than-life persona and skill with shears made his coiffures the pinnacle of style.

    She's sometimes called the patron saint of cats, and the story of Gertrude's religious devotion starts when she was just a young child. Her family's history is important, because they formed the roots of the Carolingian dynasty. In , after a series of earthquakes, a fissure opened up on the eastern side of the Icelandic island of Heimaey. As the eruption developed over time, it became more dangerous, and a variety of measures were undertaken to stop the flow of lava.

    While the Bauhaus school is well known, and its original manifesto proclaimed an environment of equality, most of the women who went to the school were ushered into specific courses, rather than given their choice of studies. Insatiable hunger completely dominated every aspect of this French man's existence in the 18th century. His life took a series of twists and turns, but his condition was never truly diagnosed or cured.

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    She painted royalty and nobility throughout Europe, even as her personal life had its ups and downs. We get a lot of requests for topics that are very interesting, but for which there's very little information. In some cases, those people or events may have never existed. Here's a collection of six such tales. After years of protesting and resisting British rule in New York, Mulligan passed important information on to George Washington, possibly saving his life.

    How did that one-time act of happenstance blossomed into a career as a full-time spy?

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    Hercules Mulligan was indeed a real person who passed intelligence to George Washington, mostly through two means - one was an enslaved man named Cato, and the other was the Culper Spy Ring. Women have been part of mail delivery in the U. Even through times when certain USPS jobs were off limits to them, women were still vital to the postal service. It's fairly common knowledge that the Nazis were prolific looters and that there was occult interest among the officers of the organization.

    How weird did things actually get, and how close are the Indiana Jones movies to what really happened? You may not know that Salt Lake City has been home to some key moments in film history.


    Have you ever wondered why so many of today's weddings feature white dresses, tiered cakes and registries for silver and dishes? Queen Victoria and the rest of her era get a lot of the credit. The Easter Rising is considered to be one of the most pivotal events in modern Irish history, and it was a precursor to a number of other events that have happened since then, both within and outside of Ireland. Pizza-like foods go way, way back in history, long before we associated the delicious dish with Italy. How did pizza's pedigree develop, and how did it get to its second home in the U.

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    After his parents' home burned down under mysterious circumstances, Oliver Haugh was put on trial for murder. Haugh did little to help his own case, and hoped to be found insane so he could serve a shorter time in an asylum.